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Higgins Harp Studio
Studio Policies



Students are expected to arrive in a timely manner, with all required materials and music. Lessons will be given once a week, at the same time for the entire semester. I have set aside your lesson time to teach you so please be respectful of my time and make every good faith effort to be at your lesson. If you will miss your lesson for any reason, you must contact me directly via phone or text as soon as possible.  


 In-Person - at my studio in Union Bridge, MD or Hanover, PA. Students are not required to bring their own harp as I have a lever and pedal harp for use at my studios.

 Online - using a combination video conferencing via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Regular online lessons are available at my discretion to students who live further than 60 miles away from my studio. Online lessons are also offered to all students when I’m traveling, in combination with in-person lessons, during inclement weather events, as a precaution during pandemics, or in other emergency situations.


Make-Up Lessons:  

An absence due to illness may be excused provided that I am notified at least twenty-four hours in advance. Lessons canceled with less than twenty-four hours’ notice, will not be made-up and will be charged the usual lesson fee. If a rescheduled or make-up lesson is missed or cancelled by the student, a second make-up lesson will not be offered. If you have a family vacation scheduled, please let me know as soon as possible. Any lessons cancelled by myself will receive a guaranteed make up lesson or refund.

            Note: In cases of sudden illness or emergencies, lessons may be made-up (at the teacher’s discretion) as long as notice is given via phone or text as soon as possible and prior to the original lesson time.



Preparation of music assigned is expected. Appropriate practice time will be discussed on an individual basis. However, a good guide is to practice five days a week for the length of time as your lesson.


Tuition Rates:

Students are expected to commit to fifteen lessons per semester. Half hour lessons are $25 per lesson, forty-five-minute lesson are $38 per lesson, and one-hour lessons are $50 per lesson. Monthly tuition payment is expected on the first of every month. Unexcused absences will not receive a make-up lesson or refund.


Parent Participation:

I strongly encourage parents to help encourage their child to practice daily. However, I recommend that during lessons that parents sit in the waiting area.


Inclement Weather:

In the case of inclement weather the studio may follow the decision of the schools. If lessons are canceled, make-up lessons will be offered. One inclement weather make-up lesson will be available for each student.



In the case of virtual lessons, students must tune the harp to be used before the scheduled lesson. It is suggested that harps be tuned a minimum of 3 times per week but tuning every day before practicing is best for the harp.


Social Media: Follow me on the social media of your choice for updates about harp happenings, photos, and tips.



Privacy Concerns - I do not tag students in photos or use student’s last names online.

I also will not post student pictures without a signed photo/release form signed

by the parent/guardian.


Contact Information:

I can be reached at either my cell phone, or email. Do not hesitate to contact me

if you have questions or concerns.


American Harp Society Inc.

 I encourage all harpists to become members of the American Harp Society (AHS):

benefits include discounted harp insurance, the American Harp Journal, national events,

scholarships, and more. 


Harp Music & Accessories Retailers:

Lyon & Healy West:

Sylvia Woods Center:

Vanderbilt Music:

Virginia Harp Center:

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