Weddings and Events

By selecting live music for your event, you and your guests will indulge in an unforgettable experience and setting. Olivia has provided elegant harp music to a variety of events including weddings, private and corporate events, and memorials. Regardless of the type of event, Olivia works closely with each client to ensure that their event goes smoothly and is structured towards the individual client’s needs.

Weddings ~ $400

Included in your wedding package,

      1)  Prelude music

                 20-30 minutes of music as guests


      2) Processional music 

                 Choose from a variety of songs for

              groups such as the Bride, Bridesmaids,                          Mothers, Groom, Groomsmen

       3) Ceremony music

                 1 or 2 solos for special

              commemorations during the ceremony 

       4) Recessional music

                 1 song to be played while the Bridal                          party exists

       5) Postlude music 

                 10-15 minutes of music for guests as

              they head to cocktail hour


Cocktail Hour

Please contact Olivia to discuss availability the hourly rate for the cocktail hour.  


Other Events 

Please contact Olivia to receive a quote for your event. 


Additional Ensembles

Other ensemble arrangements are available upon request. 

     Additional instruments start at an additional $200